Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fingers Crossed

Hey guys! I feel like it's been forever since I posted last. I have a few updates that I am so happy to share!! First of all... I finally completed the process for becoming a Certified Substitute Teacher.. woo hoo!! I am soooo excited. Also... I have applied to be on the sub list at 5 different school systems! I've already had one interview and should be hearing something soon on their decision. I am one step closer to at least being in the  classroom gaining some sort of experience while I'm still obtaining my degree.

In other news... distance education may NOT be my thing. It's so much harder to stay focused than I thought it would be. I have taken other online classes before and completed them just fine, but this new college that I have chosen to attend is much different. They send out contracts for each class which is pretty much composed of a start date and an end date (6 months after the start date), syllabus, and signatures from both the student me and the professors. Then... that's it! Your in... now GO! Easy.. right? Um... no. There are no due dates on anything, no test dates, just Jess' own leisure. It has its perks because if I don't have time to do homework or complete a test one day... it really doesn't matter. But at the same time... I need deadlines people!!

Even Jordie is bored with this whole homework/ school thing! Look...

Anyway... hope everyone has had a wonderful week thus far and I will keep you updated on my soap opera of a life.

Until then... TOODLES!

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