Monday, October 29, 2012

Really long time... no blog!

So it has been a little while FOREVER! since I have blogged last and I am sitting in an 11th grade science class in which I am subbing for and thought... well the kids are quiet doing their "busy work" and I am just sitting here twiddling my thumbs so what better time to blog than now? I first of all want to thank everyone for entering my very first ever linky fashion party. It was such a blast (and insightful) to see the different wardrobe styles of all of my fellow teaching friends. To update everyone on where I've been (since it hasn't been in blogland)... I have been so busy working full time at the hospital, going to school full time, and subbing part time. I am now subbing for 4 school systems and I am really excited about the last one that I just picked up... it's the school system that I went to school at and graduated from. It's the school that most of my younger cousins attend, and its the school that some of my cousin's kids attend! I absolutely love being at this school because most of the faculty that are there taught me also. I LOVE being on this side of things and being able to catch up with all of them.

I have an interview tomorrow for a 5th school system in my area. I really don't know how I am gonna find the time for every school but I am having so much fun being able to keep my options open and sub in the areas that I prefer. So what has everyone else been up to?? I need updates blogging friends! You have definitely been missed!
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