Friday, June 21, 2013

Updates and Alabama Blog Meet-Up

Well It's been so very long since I've visited bloggy land... so I have many many updates.

First of all... I am no longer working night shift at the hospital. I am now on "normal people" hours and working in a Neurosurgery clinic. More money, better hours, and much more time to spend time with my sweet husband and cute fur baby Jordie, to do school work, and most importantly blog!

Secondly... My husband and I recently moved and we are absolutely loving our new home! We are closer to both his family and mine. We have much more space here and.... it is sooooo QUIET! Loving it!

So that's enough about me. How is everyone else? I am so excited to be jumping back in and continuing to learn the trick of the trade from the BEST! What better way to do it then attend my very first blog meet up. I am so excited to be meeting some of my favorite bloggers!

If you live in the area or don't and just want to make the trip... come on down!! We'd love to have you! Just shoot Jennifer over at First Grade Blue Skies an email at and join the par-tay!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Weight Loss Blog

I've started a new weight loss blog to capture my journey down the path to a newer, healthier life! I hope that you will choose to follow my new blog and encourage me with my weight loss just as much as you all have with my education/career transition. I will still be blogging here but I just thought that I should keep the two separate.
You can check it out here!

First 2013 Currently: January

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listening: I called to check on my dad this morning because he has been sick. He lives in California (and Im in Alabama) so telephone and Skype are our only options of communication between visits. Poor daddy... hoping he feels better soon. :(

loving: So the new doctor's office that I've recently started working for is A-mazing! Half of the staff worked the Wed, Thurs, & Fri after Christmas... and half will work today, tomorrow, and Friday. In turn, meaning you get a week and some days off with your family! Yippeee! Needless to say this is my week! Yay for 9 days off!

thinking:  My mom, grandmother, aunt, and cousins are coming into town tomorrow and we're all going on a girls shopping trip. I, however, have been a lazy bum these past few days and need to do some serious cleaning before they arrive. Yay for company and a day of shopping... Boo for cleaning :(

wanting: Since it is a warm 39 degrees at my house right now... I'd rather be on a beach, toasting in the sun, with a drink in my hand.

needing: I have made up my mind that I don't like the reflection that I see in the mirror anymore and Im going to finally do something about it. I am a planner... so I have to come up with a workout/ diet plan so that I can be organized enough to stick to it. 

OLW:  My OLW is CHANGE simply because there is about to be a lot of changes in this girl in the months to come! I'll keep you updated! :)

This is my first time blogging in a while. I hope to start blogging on a more consistent basis now though. Lots of updates for all of my "blogosphere" friends... we recently moved into a new house.... and I got a new job. A day shift, no weekends or holidays, making more money job! WHOOP WHOOP! Also, I am closer to the college that I am attending. GO me! Only downside with this fantastic job is that I am not able to substitute teach as often, but I am able to take more classes so that gets me closer to my goal of having my own classroom one day... bittersweet.. nevertheless.

So, I have embarked on a new journey or two this year. First one is a weight loss journey. I say this every year but I am VERY serious about it this year. I have got to make a life change, and do it for myself and for no one else. Also, to get closer to God this year. I need to read and study more on my own, and attend church on a more regular basis. 

Happy 2013 everyone!! May this be YOUR year to become a better you!

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