Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One step closer....

Hello Blog world!! So it has been a minute since I have posted, but I just had to share some great news!! I have had to jump through some hoops of fire with sharks circling to get my financial aid cleared through the Dept of Education. Its a very long story but to make it short... there was a mistake on my file preventing me from getting any student loans because it showed that I was in default, well (after 3 months of talking to numerous ppl in numerous states) now it is finally handled and they have sent a letter to Judson clearing me of all charges of THEIR mistake. I'm on my way to enrolling in classes soon and can't wait!!! 

In other news... I went Monday to be fingerprinted for Substitute teaching. Whenever I am cleared for my background check, i can apply for my sub license through the state and hopefully start the process of getting on some local school's sub list. Can i get an amen???

Oh! I can't leave without bragging on my insanely awesome husband! Congrats to him for receiving an offer to go to Massachusetts next month to compete in a skills competition for work. They only chose one person from each level and he was chosen in his! He was told that they only choose "the best of the best" to represent the company at these competitions and that he should be "honored" to have gotten an offer!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful HUMP day!! 


Kim said...

Hi Jessica:

Welcome to BlogLand--and to TeacherLand too!
Thanks for following my site.
Now I'm following you back!

Finding JOY in 6th Grade

Jess said...

Thanks for the welcome! I am so excited and bit overwhelmed with all of the wonderful information that I have found so far! I am so excited to be making this transition and being welcomed into this wonderful profession!


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