Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Ahem... **taps mic**... Is this thing on?? Good morning everyone out there in blogland! I am leaving my substitute interview and proud to say I am walking away with my very FIRST sub job!!!! **does cartwheels** I am so very excited (in case you can't tell). I go back tomorrow for training. I'll let you know how that goes. That is all for now. **drops mic and steps down from the stage**


Unknown said...

First Grade Blue Skies

Lisa R. said...

Yay!! Congratulations!! :)

Learning Is Something to Treasure

Jess said...

Thanks so much Jennifer!! I hope y'all have tons of fun Saturday at Chuy's! I definitely want to come next time.


Jess said...

Thanks Lisa! Definitely makes me feel like I'm one step closer to making my transition from healthcare to education!


Inside this Book said...

Congratulations! Subbing was perhaps the best job I ever did. I still say if it came with a real paycheck and benefits, I may never have quit!

Inside this Book

Jess said...

Thanks so much Lynn!! I'm so excited to see what this new journey entails!! I could use any tips if you have any to offer!


Keeping Up With First Grade said...

Just came across your blog! Congrats to you and welcome to the world of teaching. It's a touch job... but you're going to LOVE it!

Keeping Up With First Grade

Jess said...

Thanks so much Brittany!! I'm ready to accept the challenge!!! I am so excited to be making this transition!!


Sara {Miss V's Busy Bees} said...

Just came across your blog from you following me - congrats on your sub position!!

Miss V's Busy Bees

Jasmine said...

Awesome congrats!! Cheers for an awesome school year :-)

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

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