Tuesday, May 8, 2012

All About Who? You, That's Who!

Jaque over at Mommy & Me Creations has started a linky party called "All About Who? You, That's Who!"
 Hop on over and link up!

1) Are you a mom? And if so, how many kids do you have?
- I don't have any "human" children, but I am a mom to Jordie. She is my sweet Morkie!

2) What is your most favorite thing about your mom?
-My favorite thing about my mom is that we are best friends! I can talk to her about ANYTHING and know that she will be there for me no matter what! We are like PB&J! Love her!

3) Name 3 of your favorite things that you have done with your mom.
- One of my favorite things that my mom and I do together is dance! We both absolutely love dancing!!!

**Here we are dancing at my wedding**

- Another favorite would have to be our lazy days by the pool together. You never know where the conversation is going to go with us!
- The third favorite thing is lying on the couch watching Lifetime on Sundays.. ahh...those were the days!

4) Do you have a special gift to give your mom? If so, what is it? Do you dare share?
-I haven't decided what I'm going to give her for mother's day yet! She is very simple so she would be happy with a card. 

4) What are your plans for Mother's Day?
-Right now plans for Mother's Day are to just spend the day together. My grandmother has been sick so the "traditional" dinner with her is still up in the air. This year's plans are contingent upon her health. 


Jacque said...


I really enjoyed reading about you, and your family! Your little dog is so cute! And, I must say your wedding dress is gorgeous in that picture! Thank you so much for joining me for "All About Hoo? You, that's Who!"

Jacque :)

Unknown said...

Ha ha! That PB&J pic is too funny! Thanks for sharing!
BTW~ I am your newest follower!
Jen's Kinder Kids
Please come by & visit!

Jess said...

Thanks so much! You so sweet!!! Thanks for hosting such a cute linky party!!! I'll be back for more, and maybe when I get the jist of the blogging world... will be hosting one of my own one day!!


Jess said...

Thanks Jen! I thought so too! The funny thing is... I really am not a PB&J fan. :(

Thanks for following! I am your newest follower as well!!


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