Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My First Blog Award!!

Hey Everyone! It's me again! I know that I have breaking "blog etiquette" by posting twice in one day but I couldn't help it... I am too excited! I was given the One Lovely Blog Award by the A-mazing Andrea over at Reading Toward the Stars! Now it is my privilege to give it to 15 other lovely blogs!

After you are given the award you have to follow these rules:

  1. Follow the blog who give the award to you
  2. Mention that blogger that has given it to you in a blog post
  3. Pass on the award to 15 new blogs
  4. Make a list of the new blogs so others can check them out

Here are my picks:
1. Christina at Mrs. Bainbridge's Class
2. Jena at 1st Grade with Miss Snowden
3. Hope at Second Grade Shenanigans
4. Jackie at Third Grade's a Charm
5. Tanya at A Class Act
6. Miss Kranz at A Day in the Life of Miss Kranz
7. Sarah at A KinderGarden in Bloom
8. Mrs. Thompson at Adventures in Teaching
9. Mechele at Barrow's Hodgepodge
10. Jaime at Bright Concepts 4 Teachers
11. Allyson at Cupcakes and Candy Canes
12. Chelsea at Diving In and Making a Splash
13. Deana at First Grade Chatter
14. Amanda at Frolicking Through First
15. Jana at Journey in Teaching 

15 doesn't even come close to the number of people that I wish I could give this award to! And Im sure some of these people have already received it, but what hurt can be done in receiving it again? Be sure to check out all of these wonderful blogs and follow if your not already!



Bright Concepts 4 Teachers said...

Jess-Thank you so much for the Lovely Blog Award! That is so AWESOME and it made my day! Your future kiddos will be so lucky that you are teaching them.

Jess said...

Your oh so welcome! So glad that I could make your day! Thanks so much for the sweet comment.. you are sooo sweet!


Jackie said...

Thank you so much for the award! I hope you can find something helpful in all of my rambling!


Third Grade's A Charm

Jess said...

Are you kidding me? Your blog is the girlfriend! You have so many wonderful ideas that Im just itching to steal... uh... BORROW. haha.
Hope your enjoying your weekend!


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